Wednesday, March 3, 2010

About time for another update...

So I figured it was about that time...

Life is continuing to get more and more normal for us. We have almost entirely assimilated to the weather. Nathan still chatters his teeth in the morning, but I think he's just doing it for dramatic affect.

Unfortunately, we've been sporadically ill over the past few weeks. Nathan got a terrible eye infection and a cold, and I had a couple sick days too. But this week has been pretty germ free, which is a nice change of pace. Knock on wood.

A couple of stories I wanted to share from the adventures of a preschool teacher.

I was interviewing my class the other day and asked them a couple questions which yielded adorable answers.

What's my name? "Mid-Aw-bone."

How old do you think I am? (Sideways glance at one another, then an emphatic response) "TWO!!"

But wait, I thought I was your teacher? (they giggle)

Am I your teacher? "Nooooo" (said like that was the silliest assumption of all)

So... Am I your friend? (another emphatic response) YES!

Apparently, I am a giant, genius of a 2-year-old who just gets to chill with my friends all day. Pretty cool.

The other day I was interviewing a 5-year-old at my school, and we had a conversation about a girl in his class. He was very nonchalant, not embarrassed at all, and shrugged a number of times, as if to say "No big deal. Whatever."  He's quite the ladies man. I can't paint enough of a picture of how cool he was during this conversation, so his words are in quotes and his demeanor and reaction is in parentheses.

Me: "So... is she your girlfriend?"

Him: "No" (scoff)

Me: "But I thought you said she was"

Him: "Not since I was 4" (get with it, lady.)

Me: "So she used to be your girlfriend"

Him: "Ya. A couple weeks ago." (No big deal.)

Me: "Do you have a girlfriend now?"

Him: "Ya." (Whatever. I always have a girlfriend.)

Me: "Does she know she's your girlfriend?"

Him: "Well, her was playin' with me today." (shrug.)

Me: "So your girlfriends are just whoever you are playing with that day?"

Him: "Ya." (it's not exclusive or anything.)

Me: "Do you pretty much have a new girlfriend every week?"

Him: "Ya, I have a new one every week." (I like to mix it up)

Me: "How do they know they aren't your girlfriends anymore? I mean are you going to tell her that it's over?"

Him: "I tried to tell her today but her didn't listen" (Women. Sheesh.)

Me: "It's hard to break up with people when they just won't listen"

Him: "Ya" (You got that right)

Other than interviewing children, it seems everyday brings its own interesting experiences at this new job, though a number of them have been poop related. Nathan has instructed me that I need to reduce the number of poop related stories in my life, so I will remain silent on the subject for now. Besides everyone knows, a good poop story is better told in person.

As for the two of us, we have no shortage of our own adventures. For example, it has now been firmly established that we are destined to live in homes with hyperactive smoke detectors. And no, my cooking is not that bad. Every place we have lived together, we have had ridiculous smoke detectors that went off whenever either of us cooked anything. Peoria is no exception. Both smoke detectors on our main floor go off  every single time we cook or bake. It's maddening. More reason to go out and get some maple bacon ice cream.

We also have a funny neighbor across the street that has brought long running discussion and hypothesis into our marriage. We have only met her once, the day we moved in. That was back in December and we noticed, after dark, that (in addition to the regular Christmas lights) she had a projection system set up. This system projected rotating holiday images on her garage, such as Santa saying "ho,ho,ho", the nativity scene, a pile of presents under a tree, etc. There was also a separate, faster rotating projection of stockings floating over the larger projected image. We were amazed. How fancy. Then we came back from our holidays in California to see she was greeting us with a "New Year" themed display. How festive! A couple of weeks later, I noticed it had switched to a Valentine's Day theme. Wait a minute. Boardering on creepy. Last week, I came home to find a new display. "Happy Birthday!" What is going on? Nathan wasn't home yet, but first thing I said when he arrived was, "Did you see the neighbors new pictures outside?" He ran to the front window. We continued to discuss whether or not this was a cheap attempt at a President's Day celebration? Can she keep this up all year? I mean, August is sort of a wasteland for holiday themes. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I can see you sitting in your circle with your 2 year old friends.....i love your stories, you even make poop funny.....
    sorry about your celebratory neighbor, I am curious about august too......maybe a projected beach scene

  2. Haha I remember when we saw the Happy New Year message! That is funny!

    Love you guys!