Monday, December 7, 2009

Moving Day #1

Well, here we are. We checked out of our hotel this morning, and we are officially living in Peoria, Illinois!!

I arrived on Thursday night and was super excited. There were snow flurries when I landed so I flew in with snowflakes!! Friday morning, we met the moving truck at our house. We realized we hadn't measured the 28 feet that the trailer would take up in front of the house... oops. Luckily there was plenty of room between our driveway and our neighbor's without blocking any mailboxes.

Saturday is really when all the excitement began, but I have to back up a minute. Nathan and I don't know anyone here, so he asked a few coworkers if they (or friends of theirs) would help us unload on Saturday. We were willing to pay them. On Wednesday night, the night before I got on the plane, Nathan said he was unsure about how much help we would have. I decided to help out by e-mailing the church we visited on our last trip out to Peoria (Richwoods Christian Church) and see if there were any people in their congregation that would be able to help on Saturday. When we compared notes on Friday, Nathan thought he had 5 or 6 people coming on Saturday and I thought I had recruted 2 0r 3. Uh oh. What were we going to do with all these people?!

Well, Saturday rolled around and we had.... one. Yep. Just one dude. Nathan's buddy from work, JC, came to help us. I think all the other people fell through with random miscommunication and things coming up last minute. Anyway, JC was a great help and between the 3 of us, we got everything off the truck. Here are some pictures:


As you can see. JC was a big help.

Funny thing we discovered: Nathan asked me to grab his "beanie" for him to wear. JC squinted. "What did you say?" "Beanie ... why what do you call it?" "A stocking hat... stocking cap." So then we wondered, where did the word beanie come from? Stocking hat seems too long, but it makes more sense. Is beanie some how derrogatory? Hm. Midwest-isms.

We got everything in the house, ordered sandwiches (yes, they deliver delicious sub-sandwiches to your home. Nathan is in love.), and relaxed for a little while. We did a TON of laundry and tried to decide where stuff should go. Then we went to the hotel and slept hard.

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  1. I love it! Your house is HUGE!!!! Sounds like you found a good church! YAH!!!