Monday, December 7, 2009

Moving Day #2

Sunday we got to the house by 10 am and got to work. I wanted to get the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom moderately organized so we could move in. I started washing all the dishes and running into the basement to wash all our linens and clothes. Up and down the stairs. Phew. Nathan organized all the boxes we had just plopped in the garage. We were expecting a young couples' bible study from Richwoods Church to come help us after lunch, but since no one showed up on Saturday, we didn't know if we should expect one or twenty people.

Then around 12:30 we heard a knock at the door. The first of our crew arrived, and a few minutes later another couple came. Nathan quickly put the 3 of them to work moving all our books into the basement from the garage. Then around 1:00 we heard another knock. The rest of the bible study arrived. Now we had about a dozen people in our house. I couldn't help laughing that poor JC moved all our furniture and a super heavy TV, working for HOURS on Saturday, and now we had a dozen people ready to work. Oh well.

A couple of the girls helped me in the kitchen: washing, drying, and putting everything away. The rest of the crew was in the basement opening all the boxes of books and other basement items and putting them away (sort of). Another guy assembled our twin bed in the guest room. It was all done pretty quickly and with lots of friendly conversation.

They are all in their twenties, married for 6 years or less, and a few of them have little kids. Most of the couples are transplants from around the country. Most of them moved for the husband's job. Several of the guys are engineers, and they all got a little giddy when they saw Nathan's video games (I overheard some excitement about the original Nintendo game system). There was no teasing about our giant selection of Star Wars books since many of them shared Nathan's fascination with the movies. Sounds like we found our people!

One of the girls was holding her baby, and I asked if she was going back to work. "No, I'm retired." I started laughing since that's what I've been saying to people for the past few months. She and I chatted quite a bit, and she and her husband live right around the corner from us. She even invited me to hang out since she's at home all day like me. I am really looking forward to getting to know her.

So today is our first official day in our home. Lots of stuff to put away (and purchase), but I wanted to give you some "before" pictures of the place... so you can be appropriately amazed when you see the finished product.


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