Monday, December 5, 2011

The last 4 months...

Our little man has been with us for 4 MONTHS now! Wow! It's really gone by quickly! He has changed so much! He is a much bigger fan of his Yoda toy, and he even puts up with his mom taking silly pictures of him (on occasion).

(Will at 1 week old. Not a Yoda fan.)

(Will at 4 months. He and Yoda are one.)

He is such a smiley boy and very curious, loves looking around and observing everything going on around him with his big blue eyes. He is "talking" more and more everyday, often waking up from naps to chat with himself for up to 15 minutes before going back to sleep. He thinks his daddy and mommy are hilarious (but then again, who doesn't?), and often squeals with delight when we play with him. He also loves grabbing things and putting them in his mouth and has made several failed attempts at doing so with my chin. (He's very determined, so I'm sure he will figure it out very soon.) He has a knack for spitting up when we are least prepared, which tests our ninja spit up catching skills. (Yes, Nathan got spit up on the face already. We now where plastic ponchos during playtime.) He loves to cuddle, play on his new gym, chew on plastic rings, and fart like a man. Every little part of him is loved!!

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  1. He is loved from afar too! Hope you are able to keep up with the blogging so we can get our Will fix every now and then. :)