Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6-months-old and a whole lot of firsts!

Will is officially 6 months old. WHAT?! How have we had this little guy in our lives for 6 months already?! This month brought several firsts. He had his first taste of baby food. Avocado. Mmmm! He makes the most hilarious faces when he eats. Not grossed out, but definitely confused.

He also rolled over from his back to his stomach! The first time it happened, I was sitting on the couch next to him as he played on his play mat. He was having a grand old time, playing on his back, then suddenly I heard him make a fussy noise. I looked up and saw he had worked his way off the mat in the 2 seconds I wasn't looking. I got up to rescue him from the hardwood floor when I realized he was on his stomach! His first time rolling over! I squealed with excitement and reached for the camera. Maybe it was my squeal, or maybe it was waiting me to take a picture, or maybe it was the hardwood floor in his face, but of course, he burst into tears. Oh well...

Now he is a champ at rolling over. He does it all the time like it's the easiest thing ever. It's so funny because he was really close to rolling over for a month or so. He would get almost all the way over, but his arm was always in the way. Then, all of the sudden, he has it mastered. What a funny boy!

The other development is learning to sleep with his arms out. He was moving around his crib so much, and now rolling over. We decided it was time to train him to sleep with his arms free of his swaddler, so he could turn himself back over if he flipped onto his stomach. So we did one arm out first, and then both arms. Why is it he is so much cuter sleeping with his arms out of his swaddler? I have no idea, but it's true.

We love getting to know our little guy and seeing his personality blossom. One of our favorite things is all his many facial expressions. What is he thinking behind those crazy eyebrows?

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  1. What a cute little fellow! I don't blame him for not liking mushy peas.