Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Growing up so fast!

I am William. Here me ROAR!

Wow! At 6 months, Will's development has just exploded! Not only is he rolling over, but he has 2 teeth coming in! I was going to post about his first tooth, but then his second tooth came in just a couple days later.

Check out my two front teeth!

He's also tried several new foods. So far he's had avocado, butternut squash, prunes, green beans, and peas. Green beans were not his favorite, to say the least. I seriously thought he was going to throw up. So green beans are off the menu for a while. We had fun giving him avocado for his first food and watching his reaction.

His favorites right now seem to be butternut squash and prunes. Of course, sweet tooth like his mama.

What's with the paparazzi? I'm trying to eat here!

He also had his 6 month check-up recently. All systems go. He is "hitting all his developmental milestones." Almost sitting up, finding his feet, passing toys back and forth between hands, blah blah blah. We seriously have so much stuff we have to learn before we are fully functioning human beings. And in case you were wondering, yes, he has a giant head. 85th percentile to be exact. He is currently 17 lbs. 7 oz. (50%), and 26 inches (36%). Yep, we are all brains in this family.

Hitting developmental milestones is hard, yo. RESPECT!

We have lots of fun on the weekends with our little family. We love listening to his babbles and giggles. We hear quite fascinating tales about "ya, ya, ya," "gaya," and "Iya." We have yet to meet these people of whom he speaks so highly. Will is also a snuggler which we both love. I just want to drink in all his snuggles before he starts running around and leaving me in the dust.

He also loves to play in his jumperoo and go out pretty much anywhere. He really likes to observe his surroundings and see new stuff. Inspired by mini-cousins Callie Jean and Audrey, we decided to take Will to the park. Maybe there will be fun stuff to look at, and we can try the swing for the first time. Not so excited. 

We are so lucky to have such a sweet, snuggly, happy baby. Not that he doesn't cry and poop. He is human. But he is pretty awesome. Especially when he wakes up with excited giggles and babbles like this.

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