Sunday, May 13, 2012

0.75-years-old and our family weekend away...

Sweet 9-month-old boy!

A couple weekends ago, we all went out to Rancho Mirage with the fam to celebrate Grandpa Larry's birthday. It was our first real "vacation" with Will, and he did great. He had just finally learned to crawl, so all the Aunties and Uncles (as well as Grandma and Grandpa) had fun playing with him and watching him frog hop around the living room. 

Playing with Grandma Nancy

Crawling on Auntie Kara

Deep conversations with Uncle Josh

We also took in him the spool (spa/pool) for the first time. He seemed a little unsure/stressed at first, but after spending some time with dad, he started to enjoy himself. He pretty much digs anything he can do with dad.

I don't know about this...

Some encouraging words from dad... 
but Will still has his fists of fury ready, you know, in case of a spool brawl

Happy boy!

Sneaky face...

We also found some hilarious mustache stickers at Michael's that weekend, so, of course, like any good parent, I purchased them and stuck a few on my child for my own amusement. Here are a few of my favorites:

Plotting to take over the world

Old-timey boxer ready for fisticuffs

That peach mango puree was exquisite

Bellissimo! Muah!

He also just hit 9 months! We have a 0.75-year-old child! And boy, do I know it. He is crawling all over the place. These milestone pictures were a little more difficult. As you can see from this brief chronological representation of our photography session, there were several attempts to dive off the side of the chair, dive off the front of the chair, and one small fit was thrown. But there was also plenty of smiles and laughs from baby and mommy both. What a crazy baby.

(last good picture before he attempted to dive off the side of the chair... again.)

Lastly, as Will has hit his 9th month, we have seen even more personality. While he is generally still so easy, sweet, smiley and fun, we have had some opinions expressed. For example, he has lodged several complaints regarding his dislike of diaper changes and getting strapped into his car seat. Mostly because he would rather be crawling around. But he usually gets over it rather quickly and a smile or a laugh is not too far behind.

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