Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Double Digits, Baby!

That's right. Double Digits. Will is officially 10-months-old. What a big boy! He's crawling like a champ and started pulling up, too. He's such a sweet, easy boy. He just loves to crawl around and explore on his own. And now that he's pulling up, he loves to stand and play with his toys, or just stand at his baby gate and "talk" to us. And, of course, I find him standing in his crib after almost every nap.

He's also started to feed himself some finger foods. He's really good with toast, but hasn't mastered anything else yet. He does get sneaky during his feedings and will bite the spoon and try to grab it out of my hand. He thinks this is very amusing. Silly boy!

We've noticed more and more similarities between our little guy and his daddy. Mostly their facial expressions...

And their table manners...

We just love this little guy!

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