Tuesday, August 21, 2012

June & July flew by...

Where did the time go! June and July just FLEW by. We had an action packed summer, and our little guy didn't slow down for a minute. We went to Mini-Cousin Audrey's birthday party, which was amazing and adorable. So excited to have all these mini-cousins growing up together and all these celebrations! Loved every detail of her Sunshine party (well, of course, her mom plans events for a living so what do you expect?).
Will with Grandma Nancy at Audrey's Birthday Party!

Mmmm! Audrey LOVED her birthday cake!

The next weekend we had Mini-Cousin Cooper's birthday. Again, another adorable affair, this time with a delicious Cookie theme! Seriously, his mama Jenny is amazing. Such a great party!
Cousin Cooper loved his cake too!

Will had so much fun at Cooper's party! 

We also visited with Great Grandpa John & Great Grandma Betty. Our smiley little fellow had a blast with Great Grandpa's walker! We really should stop buying him toys.

Will playing with Great Grandpa John & his walker

Will playing with Great Grandma Betty

Will and I took some special pictures for Dad for Father's Day. Will even signed Dad's first Father's Day card (an Osborne family tradition). We got Dad a special book, Darth Vader & Son. It's pretty funny, especially for a Star Wars lovin' fam like this one.

Trying to fill Daddy's shoes. It's gonna take a while...

Signing Daddy's first Father's Day card!

We spent the whole weekend in Los Angeles and joined the rest of the Osborne clan at Uncle Bob's house for Father's Day, including some mini-cousin pool time with Audrey. Audrey is more of a water baby than our cautious William. It was so fun seeing her splash and play while our little guy clung to dad. HA! Looks like we need to spend some more time in the water. He did finally warm up to the whole swimming thing after a bit.
I love water (if you give me a minute)

Chillin' by the pool

3 Generations!

I love that they are making the exact same face in this picture! HA!

Then all the sudden, he was 11 months old! WHAT?! How did that happen? We have a curious, active little dude. He likes to stand up and cruise everywhere, especially at Grandma Nancy's house where he likes to push tupperware (or chairs or really anything) around the kitchen. Silly little guy!

And, of course, our favorite celebration in July, the wedding of Auntie Rachel and Uncle Chris! Oh, it was so beautiful and fun and special, and we are so happy for them! We love you two so much! Welcome to the crazy clan, Uncle Chris!
Family pic at the wedding

Nathan had the great honor of giving a toast at the wedding, and I must say, as a very proud wife of my handsome, hilarious husband, he did a fantastic job. As part of our familial duties, we also took pictures in the photo booth. Of course, we were trying to take both cute and hilarious pictures. For our final shot, Nathan suddenly turned to me (in my elegant, knee-length, strapless bridesmaid dress), and said, "Let's put our legs in the air!" Before I had a chance to object, or explain how unladylike this would appear (Who am I kidding? Ladylike?! What do I care?), He plopped down on the chair in the booth, sat me on his lap, and lifted one of my legs in the air as he kicked one of his up, as well. BAM! We were both on the ground, surrounded by shards of rented wedding chair. Yep. We broke it. And yes. It is even less ladylike to break a chair as you come crashing to the floor with both your legs in the air than it is to simply take a picture kick one leg in the air. (Our final shot turned out as just an empty picture of the background. Now you know why.)

And we finished the month with preparations for Will's first birthday party! But I'll save that for another post...

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