Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Celebration!

(In front of church with dad. Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house with mom.)

My FAVORITE holiday! I absolutely love Easter. First and foremost, because our amazing God sent His son to die for our sins. Not only did He die, but 3 days later, He rose again! What a wonderful God and what a fantastic reason to celebrate. I also LOVE Easter because it is a BIG Osborne family holiday. Everyone is invited, both sides of the family, family members of family members, friends of friends. And, oh, the food. The food is delicious and abundant. Delicious, delicious food. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts aplenty. When we aren't chewing we are talking. The mood is joyful, relaxed. Spiritual discussions, witty banter, wedding planning, professional advice, and lots of laughter can be heard. A wonderful, wonderful holiday.

And to top it all off... this year, we had the mini-cousins and their first Easter Egg "Hunt." The new moms got together and filled up the eggs with puffs and cheerios. We threw down a blanket outside, sat the little guys down, and tossed them the eggs. Cooper is the only mobile one at the moment, so it was mostly watching them reach for eggs and grab the ones in front of them. There was also some egg thievery, which we found hilarious. Stealing "candy" from a baby is actually pretty hard... if you're a baby. 

(Will: "Don't even THINK about it. This pink egg is MINE!")

(Egg hoarder)

(Sweet mini-cousins)

(The funniest view: all the adults laughing at the kiddos)

(Chewing on his new toy from Great Grandma)

(Look at those eyes!)

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