Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun come rain or come shine

(Drooling at the park with my conductor cap)

We had our first park play date last week with my friends Quinn & Kate and their kiddos Ollie, Leighton and Nessa. Will and I just hung out, playing with the grass, while the big kids played on the playground. Apparently, the grass was pretty interesting... I'm soaking up all these sweet memories and relaxing days, cuddling in the sun, before he gets mobile and starts running away from me. 

(What the heck?! This stuff is crazy!) 

(Checking out the grass... Pulling it out of the ground, touching it with both hands, fascinating!!)

Such a beautiful day, and so much fun hanging out with wonderful girlfriends. Can't wait till Will has his own little friends. We eventually had to go home from the park, and Will was still quiet, observant, and smiley as usual. We are so blessed to have such an easy baby! He was still in a good mood even though he skipped his nap. Look at that sneaky smile!

Of course, we've had a few rainy days in usually-sunny-Southern California since we moved back, but Will didn't seem that interested before. Then, last week, we woke up to a stormy day, and Will was fascinated! He couldn't stop staring, touching the windows, trying to grab the rain drops, it was so fun! 

(Why can't I reach that stuff falling on the ground?)

(MOM!! Look at this!! What is happening outside?!)

(Wait! It's coming from the sky?!)

(Listen to all that noise! Look at all that wet stuff!)

(I want to stand up, Mom!)

He was a little confused when we finally went outside.

I have one more video. Just to give you a little insight into my days. I mentioned in a previous post how much reading I was during while feeding Will. Well, my calm, relaxing reading time has now come to an end. Will is so active and curious, that whenever I try to read a book, it goes something like this...

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